Growing organic green goodness under the California sun

9x the nutrients

We pride ourselves in growing living foods that deliver up to nine times the nutrients and potent health benefits compared to mature greens.


Sun-grown-to-order microgreens & wheatgrass

Delivering weekly to homes, workplaces, juice bars, health food stores, restaurants, and fitness centers


Sun-grown, living greens. Combinations can include pea shoots, radish, sunflower, and buckwheat.


Sold in live trays for extra immunity boosting benefits. Harvest it fresh for your juicing pleasure!


Our uber-nutritious take on pesto featuring our pea shoots. Available to add-on to any subscription.


Empowering health through sustainable superfoods

Grass Rooted in Ukiah, California

Welcome to Mendo Grass, where we are on a mission to provide sustainable and organic superfoods to our community. Founded by Adam, Amanda, and our daughter, Arden, our family's journey began at the Solar Living Institute, where we discovered the incredible healing powers of wheatgrass. Inspired by its impact on a friend's health, we set out to create a farm dedicated to growing wheatgrass and microgreens.

Today, Mendo Grass thrives in the scenic valleys of southern Mendocino County, surrounded by oak woodlands and organic vineyards. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We utilize renewable energy, harness the sun, and nourish our crops with rainwater. We exclusively use organic seeds and soil, ensuring the highest quality produce.

With love for the land and the food we grow, we provide fresh, nutrient-rich wheatgrass and microgreens to Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Our goal is simple: to bring immunity-boosting foods to your table and add a touch of sunshine to your life. Find us at your favorite local farmers market, or shop online to join us on this sustainable journey towards a healthier, happier future—one microgreen at a time.